Note: If you’d like to know how I am in real life, you may skip this section. Instead, go watch Disney’s The Lion King and then try to imagine a composite of Zazu, Timon, and Rafiki, the ethereal baboon. That is me.

I’m a writer. I grew up in Connecticut, lived in NYC for two years, and now reside in New Jersey with my partner and our dog (lol). I’m currently focused on contemporary fiction (featuring lots of gayness and comedy, natch), and am represented by Elizabeth Bennett at Transatlantic Agency. You may know me from Mic, where I used to work as a full-time staff writer. Below are some highlights from that era.

On celebrities:

On body image:

On relationships:

Other sites I have written for over the years include:

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  1. Ha! 10 is my magic number and now I’m wondering if I need to re-evaluate. I just started blogging this month. I’m also a dream-chaser and rather than feel put out about things not working out, I write about the things that are working well. It works. That is if feeling better about your keychanges is ok for now. I’ll keep reading and good luck!

  2. NYC?? I’ve always wanted to live there. Why would you dare leave? Tell me all about it. Someone made me promise I’d live there with him a year from now. He’s likely to kidnap me and make me do it when my chicken-ass backs out last minute.

    P.S. I’m officially stalking your page this morning… Like, the weird ‘I can see everything you’ve said’ stalking. Not to be confused with ‘I plan to touch everything in your trash’ stalking.

    • NYC robbed me of my soul! Since I left, I’ve been slowly regaining it… but then lose it again for the 40 hours a week I’m there for work. So it’s an ongoing struggle.

      But seriously, you should definitely go through with the move. I wouldn’t trade those two years of Manhattan living for anything; I just couldn’t handle a million things about it. Probably because I’m all emotional and everyone there is cold. Or something.

      P.S. stalking noted, relished, and reciprocated.

      • If this NYC thing really happens (which I don’t see how because I have no way to ever afford it, short of selling myself) I’ll be pestering you for lots of suggestions on where to live and places to see.

        And maybe the best place to sell myself.

  3. thanks for following..great blog..just dont have a clue what your talking about.

    • The Bloggess’s recent outpouring of Hunter S. Thomcat photos has made me desperate to make a connection with a cat. If you tell me that you have a drug and/or alcohol problem, then I will truly consider you an answered prayer!

  4. Chooplah says:

    I grew up in NY, and in a very close minded way decided every city everywhere was just like it and I would have no partaking in anything NY-esq so I joined the Forest Service and literally lived in the woods for 7 years. Only recently was I ballsy enough to move to San Francisco, and now I’m finding that it’s just NYC that’s the asshole…not every city… in case you ever re-evaluate your living situation…it’s pretty great here. Anyway, that was a convoluted way to say “I feel ya, bro.”

    • WORSHIPING YOU right now for living in the woods for 7 years! That’s exactly what I tell people I want to do. And agreed on San Fran — I have some family out there and absolutely adore the bay area!

  5. Your writing is fresh and different, and I’m forced to go for a little stroll on your blog. Good Job.

  6. Howdy! You are hereby nominated for a kick ass award (is there any other kind?). Come on by and take a peek. http://www.jodiambroseblog.com. HUGS!!

  7. Hi Nic, I found your blog from reading The Bloggess’ blog. I love your blog and i love your honesty. It’s refreshing and its funny. I wish i was in NY but i am far from it.

  8. I have nominated you for The Liebster Award! (I feel like I should really say “Tag, you’re it!”) It’s silly, but nevertheless, I really enjoy reading your blog. Please go to accept it/participate! 🙂

  9. Ha!
    I went to NYU too.

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