Hi!!! So this isn’t an actual post. It’s just me sharing some fun news: I’m launching an author newsletter! If you’re a fan of this blog then I’m, like, 99.9% certain you’ll be a fan of this newsletter. It’s where I’ll be sharing updates on what I’m writing, reading, watching, cooking, and more! And once we get closer to my book’s publication date, it’s where I’ll share fun stuff like announcements, cover reveal links, preorder info, etc. I’d be eternally grateful if you’d consider signing up and/or sharing. (It’s totally free!)

You can learn more about it (and subscribe!!!) HERE. I promise I’ll tend to it more frequently than I’ve tended to tend (lol what) to this blog lately.

Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 8.11.50 PM


  1. I have subscribed! What are you reading? I love talking about books and food so I’m all in!

    • Thank you so much!! OMG SAME! I’ve always wanted to share more book/recipe recs but crafting entire blog posts around them always felt like such a to-do for some reason (even though I guess a newsletter isn’t all that different lol..) CURRENTLY I’m reading “Shelter In Place” by Nora Roberts (I’ve been on a commercial fiction kick lately) – it’s a doozy of a thriller! What are you reading??

  2. Suuuubscriiiiiiiibed!

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